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Great Pianos at Unbeatable Prices - HAPPY HOLIDAY SALE!

$750 Package included with EVERY piano sale!

I have great prices on upright pianos as always, but here is the breaking news ----- Now Through the end of January 2018 ALL piano prices have been cut down to unbelievable prices. Yes, you can come in today and go home with an upright for less that $1000 or a grand piano for less that $2,000. These are honest to goodness fine grand pianos that can be used in your home right now. They will all be prepped, tuned, bench, lifetime trade up and very likely you will fall into our area of free delivery.

SUPERB SELECTION OF PIANOS IN STORE RIGHT NOW.. It has been quite some time since I have seen this many VERY nice pianos in our store. See our sales page for details. We make a point to go to great lengths not to be undersold. Whether you are looking for a starter piano for a new student or a higher end instrument for an advanced player, you can be sure that your piano is here. The selection of styles, brands and colors is huge here in Marlboro, MA at Bushell Piano Movers. You have to come in and see these pianos to believe it. Some of the pianos in stock include Yamaha, Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Young Chang, Weber, Baldwin, Story & Clark, Wurlitzer, Knabe, Steinert, and many others. Baby grands, player grands, concert grands, uprights, player uprights, consoles, spinets, the list of pianos and colors goes on and on. Every pianos comes with prep, bench, two tunings (in-store and in-home), LIFETIME TRADE UP on residential sales and in almost every case, FREE DELIVERY. All pianos prices have been reduced to go out the door. If you have ever wanted a piano for your home, school, church, synagogue, or other facility, you DO NOT want to miss out on this opportunity. Call us at 508-229-3600 for details and hours. Don't forget our unparalleled piano moving service either. We have been in the piano moving business since 1969 and know how to do it quickly, efficiently and safely, so call now!